Returning 2020

UNC Chapel Hill

NOTICE: In an effort to prioritize the well-being of all the participants, partners, and team members, HackReality will be postponed. We appreciate your interest in HackReality and we will provide updates regarding the new date of the event as soon as we can.

What is HackReality?

HackReality is the first student-led XR themed hackathon in the triangle area. We are dedicated in introducing XR technologies and innovations to the community, connecting them with leading researchers and professionals in the field.

Come join us and learn about this growing field and play a part in defining the future! In the span of 48 hours, attend workshops, network with companies and peers, and conquer challenges with the help of experienced mentors. Afterwards, you can apply what you have learned in future projects!

What is XR?

XR stands for Extended Reality, and is an umbrella term for both AR and VR. XR refers to all real and virtual environments generated by computer graphics and wearables.

VR or Virtual Reality, uses either VR headsets or multi-projected environments to generate realistic vision, sound and other sensations that simulate users' physical presence in a virtual environment. Ready Player One, The Matrix and Beat Saber are all examples of Virtual Reality.

AR meaning Augmented Reality, is an overlay of computer-generated content on the real world that can superficially interact with the environment in real time. PokemonGo, SnapChat Face Filters and Google Translate AR are all examples of Augmented Reality.

First-Timers FAQ

A hackathon is usually a 24-48 hour event where people with ideas and talents get together and collaborate on a project. In this time frame, hackers ideate, build and deliver a “prototype”. Hackers also compete for prizes, get free swag and make lasting memories.

XR hackathons are very similar to regular hackathons, except attendees make applications using Augmented or Virtual Reality technologies. You can make applications for mobile platforms, web, or AR/VR headsets.

HackReality does not require any prior XR or coding knowledge. People of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply! If you are interested in animation, storytelling, or are passionate about XR, please join us! Our workshops will teach you the basic skills needed to develop your own XR project and we will have mentors at hand to guide you.

General FAQ

Anyone over 18 is welcome to register!

Hacking in a team is highly encouraged but not a requirement! We will also have an opportunity for team-building before the event starts.

Bringing your own equipment is encouraged, but we have a limited amount of equipment that teams can borrow on a first-come-first serve basis.

Old code or projects cannot be used during this hackathon. You can use APIs or packages, but all your code needs to be written onsite after the hacking begin.

Currently we do not offer travel reimbursement, but you are encouraged to carpool or use the public transportation system. GO GREEN!

YES!!! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided, as well as snacks throughout the event.

There will be designated quiet rooms for sleeping, along with air matresses. Please feel free to bring pillows, blankets, and pajamas! If you'd rather sleep at a hotel there are a few nearby, but you will have to cover the costs.

If you are having trouble coming up with an idea or need help refining one, make sure to check out our design thinking workshop and speak with our mentors who are experienced in XR development.


  • Laptop & Charger
  • Phone & Charger
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Headphones (Noise cancelling is recommended)
  • Notebook/Scratch Paper + Pen/Pencil
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Sweater/Jacket
  • Blanket and/or Pillow
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Any medications you may need

  • HackReality is all-inclusive. Please respect your fellow peers, organizers, mentors - basically everyone in the event! Value the work of your teammates and all the participants. Please express appreciation to anyone who helped you and the ones who put this event together!
  • Any form of harrassment is not tolerated.
  • No inflammatory content on any of the communication channels.
  • Please do not intentionally disrupt others' work, violate others’ work environment, or produce noise especially when others’ are resting/sleeping.
  • If you are a participant, no recruiting for your startup, company, job, or organization. If you want to do so, please contact our sponsorship team for a recruitment package. However sponsors cannot be participants.
  • Old code and old projects are not allowed. All the code must be written after the hackathon begins. Do not use illegal/pirated content. Do not produce unethical/inflammatory content that violates the honor code.
  • Please report to the nearest volunteer or organizer if you have witnessed anything that raises your concern. The organizing team will investigate and evaluate the incident immediately.
  • Anyone who violates any term of the conduct will be immediately disqualified and will not be welcomed to the event.

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